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    The best CIS and the best support

    Save you thousands on printing cost

    The technical manager of a major ink manufacturer said...

    Over the years we have come to realise that there is no CIS design which is perfect. We knew of the difficulties
    with our existing CIS system, and those from other manufacturers have always had flaws..... your design has
    proved to be the most reliable, and it's visual appearance is superior to any other model.   We have been
    very impressed by the work you have put into the system...

    R2400 CIS ....Aug, 2008  - Jean Turco - France

    The CIS is very Good…. It is a very good product and I will tell all my friends.

    Jean Turco

    1400 CIS ....Feb, 2008

    I have been using the Epson 1400 with an Efillink CIS for about a performed flawlessly. I print both professional
    photos & documents with it. To me, I see no year now. It has difference in the quality when compared to Epsons
    OEM Claria cartridges.

    Richard Kowalski

    R1800 Refillable Cartridges ....Jan, 2008  - Kathleen Odekirk - USA

    I have been using efilink refillable cartridges with the automatic re-set for 6 months or so and am very pleased with
    them.  I have re-filled them in place now a couple of times and no hassle, no mess, no problems.  

    Kathleen Odekirk

    2200 CIS ... May 21, 2007 - Paul Spatafora

    The Efillink CIS has exceeded my expectations and the tech support is second to none. I don't think they sleep.
    From a consumer point of view, I couldn't be happier.

    R1800 CIS.....Mar 14, 2007 - RLeGris - USA

    I settled on the efillink system. It is in a case that looks like the printer, so I like that I don't have a bunch of cheap
    looking bottles just sitting next to the printer. Also, I love the fact that it will tell me that and my I am low on ink!  ....
    I have not installed any special ICC profiles. I am using the epson profiles, photo paper is epson, but my transfer
    rolls, and canvas rolls are a generic brand and everything prints great. I have not had any more clogging problems.

    R2400 CIS...January 28, 2007 - David Lingard...UK

    Great system, take the plunge and save money without losing quality....

    You are right to comment on Ron's attitude to his customers. I contacted him on Skype chat just to let him know I
    was about to install the system. It was late evening for him but he stayed with me and led me through the whole
    thing - excellent commitment.

    how close they are to Epson as I have always profiled the various ink/paper combinations I use rather than rely on
    general profiles. My permanence test has been a print taped to a South facing window half covered in black card.
    After six months there has been no noticable difference in the two halves.

    R1800 CIS... February 17, 2007 - Michel......France-height:22px;">R1800....February 21, 2007 - Brian

    The ink is really excellent: ... in terms of colour matching, bronzing, etc... The Efillink ink is as good as the Epson
    ink in my opinion.

    ...does NOT clogged the printhead at all, even if you stay 2-3 weeks without printing. I have installed it without
    cleaning the print head before, -so the Efillink ink has been mixed with the Epson ink-, and no problem at all.

    R2400 CIS ( 8 color and 9 color with PK/MK )....July 14, 2006 - JeanMarie... France

    Here is a system I found which gives me complete satisfaction from efillink People from Efillink are really
    responsive and answer very quickly when I email and with questions. A quality of service which I really
    appreciate.    Reviews in
    pour l'assistance par mail, efficace et sympathique. Que du bonheur donc !!!

    - Jean Turco : + 33 620 867 888 Paris  / +39 338 87 49 354 Venezia

    R2400 CIS ....  August 27, 2006 - Ed
    " Le plaisir enfin d'imprimer sans crainte de voir les "clignotants cartouche" s'allumer. J'en avais un peu
    assez de changer sans arrêt les cartouches de ma 2400. Avec le kit et ses encres plus de soucis et une
    qualité, à mon avis, identique.  . Merci aussi à Ron

    I have been using the efillink CIS ... so far been working well. No clogging at all. It was fairly easy to setup...  The
    unit is self contained and has an alarm for when inks are at low level. The stand alone unit matches my Epson unit,
    will not be tipping over, and frankly looks cleaner than having bottles connected to tubes. The cart chips are self
    resetting. The ink is not the least expensive ink, however, ink quality is very good and orders of magnitude
    cheaper cartridges. than using .... By eye, the prints I have appear to be the same quality as with Epson. At least
    I can print a large number of large prints and panoramas without working about ink cost as a major decision factor.

    R1800 CIS ... April 20, 2007 - Carl Potvin

    The cartridges were recognized perfectly by the printer at after my purchase. He's still asking on a regular basis if
    I'm satisfied and keeps me updated

    R1800 CIS ....Jan, 2008  -  Tim Raiman USA

    I have printed many MANY prints... I've gone through about 4oz of ink so far... and quite happy!  The majority of
    my prints are very large panoramics, and I print them at about 10 feet long.  They come out great!  :-D  No
    clogged nozzles.  Even right after installation.  I only had one nozzle head that had an air gap.  I think that might
    have been due
    Tim Raiman

    R1800 CIS ....Jul 27, 2007 - Russell Haley - USA

    Just to let you know that installation was a breeze, one nozzle check and two printer head alignments and prints
    were perfect.

    About 1 and 1/2 hours from start to finish. To my surprise there were no problems any where along the way ...
    My biggest surprise was the ink, with no profiling, or other changes to my system the inks are as good or better
    than the OEMs. I printed an ink matching to the fact that I pulled at least a FULL syringe of ink through during
    priming, until I didn't hear any more air 'poping'

    Thank you for a fantastic product!
    profile with Epson Oems before installation and the same matching profile after and even with a any noticeable
    I thank Ron for his encouragement and help and believe that he has the finest CIS system on the market to day.

    R1800 CIS....August 07, 2006 -  Ron Feldman ...California

    This has been a very easy company to work with and I have recommended them to my other artist friends. I intend
    to order more ink from them myself

    Love the CIS system, and especially the pigment ink that you sent. The sheen of the ink on the paper is far
    superior to the original Epson inks for my 2200 printer. The system should save me 85 to 90% in ink costs
    over the long haul.

    Have a of the ink supply bottle caps has broken. Can see they are extremely vulnerable so will be
    more careful in the future.
    Would appreciate it if you could send me a replacement cap for the magenta bottle, plus an extra set in case it
    happens again. My printing has now had to stop until I get the replacement cap, so don't want that to
    happen again in the future. Let me know how much right away.

    Thanks Ronnie,
    Bob (From Canada)

    T-shirt transfer
    I have been making digital image t-shirts for about 3 years now. I only use pigment inks since I haven’t gotten into
    coffee mugs or tiles yet (which to get the best quality and durability, you need to use dye sub inks). ...

    When I purchased my Epson 1800 and started using their ink for my images; I found out the hard way, the paper
    used determines the color profiling you will need. ......

    So far, the Ultimate Pigment Inks have been comparable to the Epson inks. I get identical color match.
    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the cartridges and ink that I purchased. The more that I use them,
    the more I like them.  I have printed literally thousands of pages and/or
    postcards. After I got the initial bugs(air) out of the cartridges they have performed flawlessly. Once in a great
    while I have to run a System Pro, I save a lot on my ink cost.  Bulk is always the better way to go if you can.......  
    Everything is working great now.

    Barb (From the USA)

    Hello Ronnie,
    cleaning cycle but that is about it.
    I am very happy with them and your inks.  I am surprised that are super easy to refill and I am particularly
    Epson hasn't bought you out, just
    to get you out of the market place.  I would be more than happy to give a testimonial to
    anybody that is wondering if they should buy your products.  They happy that I do not have to remove the
    cartridges to refill them or to reset the chip.

    Your friend,
    David W. Hitchcock (From the USA)

    Hi Ronnie ~I finally got the spirit to fill my refillable ink cartridges I purchased from you. Being that this was my first
    time using a refillable cartridge I delayed installation in fear of a goof up. I should not have procrastinated as it was
    a breeze. To further simplify the process I tossed another customers suggestion of putting a piece of tape with a
    hole in it over the large hole. It made since to me to cut the bottom tip off the large stopper since there was already
    a pin hole in the top. Just as I suspected by removing the bottom tip a nice air hole is created. All that is left to do
    is put the original plug back in the hole. This method has got to be much simpler than trying to lap a piece of tape
    over every cartridge.  

    I was thoroughly satisfied with the print quality as well. In my respect to each qualified printer. Details of this
    settlement can be found at  

    Happy Printing ~ MarShel Ellerbee  ....(From the USA)

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