When you see the "End of Service Life " message pops up
    warning the components inside the printer is at or near the end of
    it's service life, you may think the printer is broken.  When the
    service counter in the printer reaches a maximum preset value,
    the printer will no longer print.  Don't panic!  

    With the SSC utility, the service counter can easily be reset and
    the printer can be brought back to the original factory service
    counter value.  SSC does not support the Mac, you will need a PC
    to run the SSC.  ( You can also run Windows on a Mac, but we will
    not get into the subject. )

    Where do you download the SSC utility?
    The website might be down from time to time, email me if you
    have trouble getting the SSC utility.

    How to use the SSC utility to reset the service counter?

  • After the SSC utility is installed, open the program match the
    Installed Printer and the Printer Model as shown in the first picture

  • Click "X" to close the window.  A small SSC icon will appear on
    the right bottom of the tool bar

  • Right click on the SSC icon, find the "Protection counter" and click
    "Reset protection counter"

  • Power off the printer and power on to complete the service
    counter reset.

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