Epson R2880 Cartridge R1900 cartridge, R2400 cartridge, R1800 cartridge,  R800 cartridge, 2200 cartridge, 2100 cartridge, 1400 cartridge, 1410 , R380/R260/RX580/R360/R265, RX680,
C88/C88+, CX5000/CX6000/CX7000F.  Prefilled with our quality Archival Pigment Inks and our excellent dye ink replacement for Epson inks.

efillink       The Ink System Pro CIS with the Ultimate Pigment Inks
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    Introducing a new refillable cartridge that does not
    require vacuum fill.  This is the best refillable cartridge
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    detailed information on how to use the refillable
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2200 refillable cartridge
Click here if you are using this type
of cartridge
Click here if you are using this type
of cartridge
Wide Format Clear Cartridge

    R2880 refillable cartridge
    -- Daniel Gormley Photography

    Not only you can't beat service like that it is almost impossible find it at all.....

    I bought a R2880 and because of the level of service from Efillink, i ordered on refillable cart kit from him, and I could not be
    happier. I ink is very good and closely matches up with epson's profiles. It was even better after doing my own custom
    paper/ink profiles.  He has EARNED my business.


    --  I have successfully outfitted my R2880 with refillable cartrdiges and ink from  br>

      How to use the refillable cartridge?  ( This is written for the type of cartridge displayed in the large photo at the
      top.  The cartridge works for the R2880, R1900, 1400, and many new models made after 2006.  )

      Fill the cartridges with ink before installing the cartridges in the printer.

      Remove the refill plug and -  David Wetherhold

      The experience has been very positive, with Ron Luk a honest and helpful businessman.

      With his inks (which he gets from US Company Image Specialists) I have photographs haning on the wall that no one can
      tell the difference between the ones printed with OEM and efillink, especially when behind glass.


      Read more about how the refillable cartridge works and how to use it below.
fill up the cartridge with a syringe and the blunt needle.   Shake the cartridge vigorously
and watch the ink going into the poppet valve.  Seal the refill port, peel the tape that coves the breather port and


  • Install the cartridges as a set, these chips will not work with the OEM chips.
  • Let the cartridge sit in upright position for overnight before use.  
  • If you must draw ink/air from the poppet valve, be sure to seal the breather port with your finger before inserting
    the cartridge in the printer.  ( Sometimes the poppet valve could be stuck open if the syringe is inserted at a
    certain angle.  This is not a problem because the poppet valve should stay opened when installed in the printer. )  
    It is usually not required to draw ink/air from the poppet valve.
  • If the cartridge is refilled out of the printer, it is best to reset the chip at the same time with a chip resetter.  Watch
    stuck open poppet valve causing ink to drip out from the cartridge.  The poppet valve may close properly if
    the cartridge is re-installed and removed from the printer.
  • If the cartridge is refilled while it is in the printer, sine-height:19px;">out forthe cartridge.  If the refill plug is not sealed, ink will drain out of the cartridge into the printer.  As a precaution, put a
    piece of paper on the paper track between the carriage and the paper track.  This will avoid excess ink drip into
    the paper sensor causing a paper feed error.
  • Be sure the chip is dry and clean before installing the cartridge.

    Switching from PK to MK

    Install the MK cartridge after removing the PK cartridge.  It is a good idea to seal the breather port with a tape.  Be
    sure the tape sticks to the cartridge making a good seal.  This is to avoid ink leak from a stuck opened poppet
    valve .  

    Get everything in one complete package and begin to cut your ink cost to 20%.  You also get a bonus cleaning kit
    with this package.  

    Details on how to use the refillable cartridges

Download the ink pad reset program at the link below: