Epson R2400 CIS R1800 CIS R2400 CIS R800 CIS 2200 CIS 2100 CIS - Epson R2400  and Epson R1800 Bulk Ink Systems for archival photos and fine art prints -   wide format refillable cartridge - 4800, 4000, 7000,
7500,7600,7800, 9000, 9600, 9800, 10000, 10600  , cleaning cartridges, cleaning kits, clean clogged printer, clogged nozzle, refillable cartridge for R2400, R1800 R800,  ,  R200 R220, R340, R300, R320, R300M
C88, C86,
    Save thousands of dollars over the life of your printer with our refill kit.  

    How will you save?
    Example: Epson 1400
    $18.99 ( per cartridge ) x 6 = $113.94 ( for the set )
    450 ml x 6 color refill kit replaces 38 - 40 sets of OEM cartridges  -  Cost $228
    40 sets of cartridges cost = $113.94 x 38 = $4329.72
    You will have $4000 more in your pocket and you will enjoy printing more.

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    What is included?
    Choose the CIS or the refillable cartridge refill kit.
    Choose from 450 ml, 225 ml, or 117 ml ink set.
    Get everything you need with the refill kit with the CIS or refillable cartridges.

    Which refill kit is best for me?
    If you expect to print at least once a week, the CIS will work best.  When you are printing
    100 photos at a time, you will appreciate not having to refill the cartridges in the middle of a
    print project.  The external tank will hold enough ink to let you print hundreds of pages
    without having to refill the cartridges.  If you are in the business making photos daily the CIS
    is your best choice.  However, many new printers will require that you lift the cartridge and
    reseat it to reset the software ink level.  
    If you use the printer once in a while and you only need to replace a set of cartridges in two
    months, the refillable cartridges will be your better choice.  In any case, you will easily save
    hundreds of dollars a year.  

    Is the CIS easy to install?
    The CIS is easy to install.  However, it is important to do it right to get the CIS to work
    properly.  Click here to see a video on how to install the CIS.

    How will I reset the software ink level?
    Because the CIS is keeping the cartridges full, the software ink level will not show the real
    ink level in the cartridges.  The ink cartridges is always full as long as you have ink in the
    external tank.  The software ink level will go down, and the software ink level could be reset
    by lifting and reseating the cartridge.  


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    Save Hundreds of $$$ with our quality ink

    Each cartridge cost $15 or more,  $120 for a set of 8 R1800
    cartridges.  The 4 oz ( 118 ml ) x 8 color ink set replace about
    10 sets of original cartridges.  

    last up to a couple of years of regular use.  The be used for
    printing an not get thrown away.
    be used for printing an not get thrown away.
    not get thrown away.
    get thrown away.
    thrown away.

    The cost of ink is reduced to 1/8th, it makes sense to start
    refilling cartridges or invest in a quality CIS.  Saving
    thousands $$$$